Lunchtime issues....

During your work, you want to maintain your energy level. You want a varied diet; it has to be easy, and ordering take-out lunches every time is expensive. It's relatively easy to choose to eat unilaterally or to pick snacks. Sometimes you look with a jealous eye at a colleague who has it together and always seems to take good care of himself by unpacking a fantastic lunch.

For many people, for example, lunch lapses into something that is considered unimportant, somewhat functional. Filling the stomach and on with it. In contrast, this is precisely the time to provide your internal engine with a shot of fuel again because you have emptied the tank with your morning's activities.

Eating a sandwich provides you with proportionally fewer nutrients than eating a freshly made salad. Not every workplace lends itself well to putting together a salad, let alone wasting time with it. Then a sandwich is more efficient. From this, we conclude that efficiency (little effort, little time) wins out over the choice to feed your body with a variety of fuels that last longer than the fast sugars of the carbohydrates in bread.

And we've discovered a solution for this: easy does it because you throw it in a bowl and add some yoghurt or something else you prefer. You can eat it at your desk if you like, and it's incredibly nutritious and varied. Efficient and healthy, and it tastes delicious. What are we talking about? Well, take a look at MFOOD's various eight mixes. Each mix contains 6 to 8 different ingredients. These consist of superfoods, seeds and kernels, dried fruit and delicious nuts. It is also organic.

There is a FOCUS line; the organic products in this line naturally stimulate your focus. Did you know, for example, that apricots help moisturize your eyes? Excellent when you're staring at your screen for hours. Flaxseed is a source of vitamins B1 and B2, essential to support your brain function. Mulberries contain the antioxidant anthocyanin, which is known for its strong influence on the functioning and capacity of the brain, especially the cognitive memory benefits from this.

So you also have a fantastic ENERGY line. Not only useful for athletes but also for your mental performance, you need to maintain your physical energy level. And some professions require more physical exercise than others.

Super catchy names like Bull's Eye, Spotlight, Full Power and Intensity and the slick look makes this product a lifestyle item you want.

As a business owner, you can respond to this. It's a token of appreciation to keep the people who work for you optimally healthy. MFOOD offers possibilities in this through its B2B department. It is prior for businesses to reduce the costs of sick employees. You do not influence what people do outside of work, but you can contribute by facilitating a healthy lunch. Mentally, this positively reflects in appreciation, which will manifest itself in the motivation of the employee.

Did I mention that MFOOD also has an IMMUNE line? Quick, what are you waiting for,

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