Energy for Sports

The number of people who enjoy sports has increased considerably. What do you do when you have passed the first phase of gaining fitness or strength? Then you want to keep going!
You adjust your goal whether it is more toning of muscles or extending your endurance. Now that you are fit again, you may be ready to add a sports discipline: for example, go mountain biking in addition to your run.
Your body needs special nutrition to keep its battery full and your muscles to grow. But did you know that besides this your nervous system also deserves attention if you exercise regularly?
The habit has arisen to indulge in protein shakes. The offer is plentiful. But oh so unoriginal. And one-sided in the long run. MFOOD has specially developed Full Power and Intensity for the High Energy collection to support energy-consuming moments.
This is precisely the combination of ingredients that, among other things, ensure that both the recovery of your muscles and the proper functioning of your nervous system is kept on level and an increase in your fat burning is stimulated. And this whole picture ensures that you take good care of your body as an athlete. The organic mixes are extremely tasty and varied in experience. Get rid of the one-sidedness, hooray for the beauty of Mother Nature!

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